On August 24, 1935 Sam Weinstein created the "Tenpin Tattler" a 15 minute weekly radio program. It aired on WCFL in Chicago from 6:35 - 6:50 every Saturday evening. Ten minutes of the programs featured news from the bowling world. Five minutes was a live interview with a prominent bowling person. Sam said " I thought bowling deserved more publicity than it was getting. So, I thought why not put bowling on the air and make a buck for myself ". The first show had three sponsors. Triangle Bowling Shirts, The Athletic Shoe Company and Oak Leaf Motors.
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In 1966 WCFL decided to change the format of the station to rock 'n roll. Sam took the "Tenpin Tattler" program to the number one sports radio station in Chicago, WGN. The program aired for five minutes with a wrap up on the weeks bowling news. The new show started on February 12, 1966 and ran every Saturday night at 5:55 P.M. Sam retired the "Tenpin Tattler" radio show on August 26, 1995 after 60 years.
Ad's designed by Sam in the late 1930's for his "Tenpin Tattler" radio program.

Tenpin Tattler interviews star Bowler.
Tenpin Tattler begins show on WGN radio.
Tenpin Tattler signs off radio program.
60 Years on the Radio
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